Sorterbox for Recruitment

Sieving through many applications can be a tedious process, so we designed Sorterbox to make the selection process easier for you. Our goal is to help you find candidates who are passionate about your company while loving their actual day-to-day tasks.

Build a strong employer brand

The ability to attract and retain the best talent in the market is a glowing achievement for any organisation. This why Sorterbox for recruitment puts defined systems in place that help increase your employer brand, making potential candidates excited to work with you before even receiving an offer.

Keep your communication channels open

Silence is never a good practice in looking for the best talent. Everyone always likes to hear back. Whether it is a reject email or a “your profile looks great, but we got to your application late” type of email, Sorterbox allows you maintain a consistent communication flow with your candidates. This is something candidates won't forget easily.

Encourage creative resumes

Students and entry-level candidates often have little or no job history which might make it difficult to assess their skill set. Sorterbox, however, gives your entry-level candidates an option to submit video resumes and showcase their talent even without an experienced CV.

Shortlist Candidates Faster

Managing multiple applications can be a challenge for employers which can be extremely time-consuming. Sorterbox has tools that make it easier and faster to shortlist candidates and get you quickly to the talent you're looking for.