Sorterbox for Auditions

Sorterbox for Auditions takes away the stress of selecting the best talent (whether talent for you is a student, a startup, actress, or a model). By truly defining your terms or rules of application, we can easily help you manage your submissions tailored to your wants, thus, making the selection process seamless and easier for you.

Talent Scouts

Are you a scouter looking for the next Beyoncé? Appreciating and recognizing talent can be made easier as Sorterbox manages your application and selection process which sieves through the wide ecosystem of people in your search for the next rising star.

Educational Institutions

Every educational institution has their mission, requirements, history, and culture. Sorterbox helps you seek for students who don't just fit into your schools' community but are also excited to be a part of it.

Get the best students using Sorterbox and we will eventually make sure your students and alumni base has the first access to new entry-level roles.

Startup Accelerators

Great accelerators create an intense and exciting experience for startups. However, selecting great startups and bright entrepreneurs to include in your unique accelerator program can be a bit rigorous.

Sorterbox takes away the stress of selecting innovative companies that you wish to educate, mentor and fund. Ditch the email or the survey platform! Let us sort you out.

Venture Capitalists

Are you a venture capitalist looking to diversify your portfolio? Are you seeking out startups and small companies to invest in?

Sorterbox helps you select companies that may be unproven but have great ideas (seed funding), a large potential market and a solid management team or even established startups for any rounds of funding you may be specialized in.

Scholarship & Grant Foundations

Are you a non-profit organization looking for the best candidates to award scholarships? Sorterbox makes it easier to select the best fit candidates that meet your requirements, helping you impact lives and make great social impact.